or don’t. i won’t know. (i know mexican is misspelled, is a little inside funny for pathug and lisa)

in an effort to save money (because i had to go to the bank of last resort again) i am making my own tortillas.  i have wanted to this for a while and well it was so easy i am never buying store bought again.  i am really on an if i can make it i will not buy it kick (no more chemicals for this girl, except for those in diet cherry coke).

here is a photo journal of my tortillas:

you have to use masa harina.  i had it from when i was gluten free.  if you move out to the ‘burbs with me i will share mine, if not go buy some.

then you add some water and salt

and get something like this

stir MORE

then you get to roll then in to a ball and use a tortilla press to flatten them.  like this from sur la table.  or if you are poor you can do what i did:

my first few turned out like this:
they were too moist (gross word i know) and i need to add more flour.  then they looked like thisi filled them with my filler and CHEESE and they were delicious sooo good.  if you need more direction go here.


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