for those of you who are my irl friends you got an e-mail of this same name moments ago.  for those of you who are just my internet bloggosphere friends here is a recap:

“i know all of you have been following my soap opera life via: .a.splash.of.happy. [oh you haven’t well i’m not on facebook so if you want to stalk me this is the place] and have been VERY concerned about my well being and safety.

WELL i would like to be the first to tell you that i am no longer going to be living out of a hotel (or black beauty) and will be moving in to a lovely apartment tomorrow.  i will still be dressing in my homeless chic wardrobe of nike shorts and white t-shirts, so no fear, i am not really classing it up all that much!

while the location is not what i wanted (AKA BFE VIRGINIA)  it is a stepping stone and hopefully there are millions of rich single guys living there that i can trick into marrying me so that i never have to be homeless again.  please say daily prayers for this.  all those pertaining to me getting a job finally worked after 5 years!

in all reality there is a pink berry across the street and i can walk to the grocery store so i was sold.  i will be living in a spacious one bedroom and will have a blow up mattress if any of you want to venture to the outer suburbs and visit.  we can do really fun things like visit the battle of bull run!!!!  i swear when you fly in you can get a glimpse of dc and that really should be enough, right? “

because of my healthy fear of being choped up by a psycho killer i will not be giving out my acutall address to all of you.  but i will let you know where i have registered.  yep thats right.  all you a$$holes whould have had the nerve to get married and have babies now have to buy me house warming gifts.  oh people don’t do that.  WELL LISTEN UP B.C. I DO.  since i do not have an impending nuptials on the horizon i figured the only way to get nice free shit is to make all of you buy it for me.  [are you remembering the time carrie bradshaw did this with the manolo’s on SATC?] well this is my time.

here is a little collage of what i would like:

just search apartmentzilla under brides name!  oh and if you really want to see the what why and how i am decorating you can follow along here: .a.splash.of.happy@home.



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2 responses to “.homeless.no.more.

  1. Lisa

    oh soooo much to choose from I guess i just can’t decide so I won’t LOL

  2. i think you should buy it all, when you come and visit !!!!

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