bailey and i have had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!

today (not really yesterday) exemplifies all the reasons why i want to live in a city and settled on targeting arlington/alexandria va.
bailey and i got in the car and drove down to old town. we walked around and showed off his amazing skill of drinking out of a water bottle.

a sweet old women, with a chocolate laberdoodle stopped me and asked were i bought my doggie water bottle.  i told her its just a normal bobble and bailey is just super smart.  she was amazed and vowed to teach her pup to do the same.
we then settled down in a grassy park and watched sail boats for a few hours. this was my favorite part and i am pissed i forgot both my phone and my camera so i have no pictures. we sat in the shade and it was lovely.
we then walked back to the car and drove it back to the grassy park (stupid 2 hour parking limits even on sunday). we drove back to the park, stopping at starbucks for some coffee and water, and enjoyed a few more hours at the park.

while sometimes bailey drives me insane i now know keeping him was the best choice. i would have never felt comfortable chilling in the park like that among all the young parents by myself. but with him it felt totally natural. i only wish that we were not moving out to BFE so that we could make this a weekend ritual.

i am gonna try and get some pics of bailey drinking out of my bobble until then you can watch this awesome dog fetch beer:
Vodpod videos no longer available.


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