looking back at my time at b&t’s.

seriously.  have you ever been a fly on the wall at someones house.  probs not.  that’s sorta the situation i was in.  I just do my own thing and often overhear the hilariousness that goes on in a family with a 2 yo and a nb.

while there have been many highlights of my time here, i must say the following are some of my favorites:

  • “NO 2yo DO NOT KISS BABY SISTERS EYEBALL, ugh that is just gross”
  • “we do not wear our dora pajamas out in public”
  • “do they make toddler pajamas out of anything other then polyester”  answer:”no i think its some government rule”
  • ryry MY DOG.  bailey my doooooog toooo!”
  • “go outside. SAND BOX.  G-O O-U-T S-I-D-E  NOW”  me: “i can take her outside its no problem” b: “no that would mean admitting defeat, i’m not ready yet”
  • “hey 2yo where does milk come from?” (we were thinking she would say cows or go MOOOOOO) she lifts up her shirt and says boobies!


but now that i have spent a whole week along in a room with bailey i miss them.  i miss the 2yo and MOST of all i miss listening to conversations adults must have with their toddlers.  instead i try and replicate them with bailey and he just walks away…


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