or Yahweh or buda or allah, or ishvara michael jackson or tom cruise whoever you want.

please let me get both of the jobs i am interviewing for today.


what you are doing and say it with me…

“please let AMH get the jobS she is interviewing for today.  she is perfect for both of them and she really needs them”

now repeat this 100 times while sitting chris-cross applesauce and end with a long OOOOOOOM.  you can add a sun salutation if you want, it will make you skinny as well as a good person and put lots of good karma into the air!

if we all do it i am sure i will get the jobs, not because i have an M.S.Ed and highly qualified a kick butt teacher but because i just initiated all of you into my cult!  (no kool-aid)

me and my rental car thank you in advance.


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