10 things you did not know about me:

  1. i normally read 2 or 3 books at one time (thanks dad!)
  2. i’m a baby whisper, they just love me.
  3. one time at golf camp i peed my jean short overalls.  i pretended like it did not happen and feel like i got away with it.
  4. i cannot be on vacation longer then 10 days before having a melt down
  5. i LOATH emoticons.  but have subcomb to using them on occasion.  i am in rehab for these slip ups.
  6. i lost being best dressed in highschool.  we wore uniforms so i am not sure what type of honor this would have been.
  7. i love rewards programs, even though the economist in me knows better.
  8. i think head boards are ridiculous, much like flight attendants and real estate agents
  9. i covet ajh’s laugh.  when she laughs really hard she goes silent and then gaps for air, i would insert a picture but i don’t have one.  just thinking about it makes me smile
  10. i listen to npr 99% of the time i am in the car

and 5 things you guessed becuase you are so smart

  1. i am the only person who thinks i am funny and i am completely ok with it
  2. i have ibs and love to talk about it, to anyone and everyone, especially in non appropriate situations
  3. i’m a really good speller and grammar aficionado [oh wait, no i’m not see above: non appropriate]
  4. i have an abnormal relationship with my parents, it goes one way.  as in they treat me like a daughter and i treat them like my bff/personal staff/therapists/bank of last resort/etc.
  5. it was either this or another rant about studying calculus, my lack of job and other not so happy stuff.

just because the rest of this post was not random enough…



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2 responses to “.10.things.

  1. ajh

    aww i love #9

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