there is a nasty rumor going around my family that i am an au pair.  while i would love to be (only it if it was for someone fabulous like kate and wills) i am not.  oh they don’t have kids yet?  perhaps they will adopt me.

on a recent phone call to the chocolate squirrel (my grandmother) i was confronted with a large amounts of rumors about none other than moi.  apparently my life is just that fabulous.

i mean here is a recent picture of me in pbi:you can pick which one i am.

there were also copious passive aggressive slams about my single, childless status.  my usual quip about not finding anyone willing to knock me up was not used as i have not move passed the point of caring.

back to the truth about what i am currently doing:


shocker of the 3 type right?  in all seriousness i am studying for my test on the 23 of july, going on job interviews, taking care of my blog, and doing the occasional free babysitting for the gracious people who have taken me in.  we will call them B&T and then the 2yo and nb which are their two girls.  one was just born today, the nb, and the other is 2 hence 2yo. (im getting really cleaver with these names right?)

perhaps that is where the au pair rumor started.

why am i now living with people who are not lisa and pat? well they moved to texas and since i am still unemployed, but loath the idea of living in a state that is larger then most countries, i stayed in my true home, the east coast where states are small and people talk normal, i had to find new people to mooch off of.  enter B&T.

and if you are still worried about how i am spending my life, here is the math problem i am about to go work on:

yeah it makes my head hurt too.  sucks to my asthmar right?


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