look where amc took me:

We (me, amc and her mom Ann) went to this palace to pick up flowers for the party. This is the flower palace owned by SILVIA

This women and her bird, cat and dog need to be in her own bravo show ASAP!

AMC and her got started talking about her wedding flowers. AMC wants peaonies. Said pea-ON-ies. Lord help her b.c aparently the pea-ON-IES are very expensive.

You see you have to order them in advance from Netherlands and by the box at first the box had 500 flowers by the end of our time at the flower shop it had 50.

She went on and on about all the ugly arrangements. Each bride was “this one”. My favorite quote “whatever bitch”. In reference to giving a bride calla lillies. In her country these flowers are for funerals they belong on the ground not at a wedding. “whatever bitch”

Each bride was described by their ethnicity.

She pulled out her 20 inch stack of photos and walked us though each one. The Mexican wedding was at least 200 pages. OUT OF CONTROL.

I get nothing until 10 days before so you tell me. I do it. I hate it when they come a tear in advance, I don’t know if i’ll be here in a year. I take no money from them until the day. I give great deal. Shop around.
You tell me.

as we were leaving silvia took belvadear out of his cage

and cranked up adele:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

together this is them dancing:

I am going to miss silvia, her bird, and her flowers.  there is video of the dancing.  if i get my hands on it i will upload it.


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  1. Lisa Hughrs

    South Florida. Gotta love them peoples.

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