tomorrow starts my favorite week of the year.  it is the week i go to Florida to see AMC.  this time is extra special for a few reasons:

  1. shes ENGAGED
  2. she is moved into her new house
  3. her engagement party!

this is how last years trip went, and this is my favorite pic:

it is so hard to believe that it has been over a year since we have seen eachother.  and how much has changed in each of our lives since our last visit!

what makes this trip extra special is that my lovely mother and father bought me a camera for graduation!  so i will be able to do a college of the trip when i return.  NO more BLACKBERRY pictures for me!

one not so nice thing about this vacation is that when i return i have 2 days until i am homeless. right now my life is in shambles and besides the suitcase i have backed for PBI and my hanging items everything else is thrown into boxes and ready for storage.  (that is a SLIGHTLY large lie, as i wish it was all in boxes but i just can’t get it all put away.  its so hard to put everything away when you are just so sure you are going to need it)

i packed up all of my crafting items, workout clothes, unmentionables, winter shoes and teaching stuff, yet there is still just so much CRAP lieing around.  i cant even summarize what it is b.c its just junk (but junk i cannot part with or live without so don’t get any ideas about tossing it lisa!)

i will be off from blogging until i am back next week… unless something amazing happens then you will get a lovely post from my crackberry.  perhaps some awsome airport photos from my NEWARK layover.  YUCK


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