recently i have found myself spending lots of alone time with both lisa and k$.  if you did not know lisa joined pintrest and i have been helping her with her pinning.

tonight we had another pinning session where she looked for haircuts. this was very fun.  i love how lisa has become an early adopter to this new amazing internet site.  i also like how i am the only person following her boards. [i am overly obsessed with pintrest, if you are not on it you are MISSING out]


on to the real meaning of this post.  my brother k$.

today i took k$ with me to run a special errand at target.  during this errand k$ overheard the details to a secret.  k$ cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it.  not only can he not keep a secret but he does the worlds most annoying secret keeping error of all time.  it goes a little something like this “AM AM AM oh never mind i cannot tell you, mom said i cannot tell you”  well you LITTLE SHIT why did you bring it up.

so after finishing our business at target, k$ and i got into the car and i looked at him and said “if you tell anyone about that secret i will castrate you”  he looked at me and said “i will not” and looked out the window.  This was not the response i was expecting so i asked money if he knew was castration was.  he pulled on his lip (tick #1) and then did this new monster hands thing (tick #2) and then said no.  i told him i would CUT OFF HIS BOY PARTS.  his eyes got huge and he stared at me.  his ticks went off again and then he popped his neck (tick #3).  He looked at me square in the eye and said “that is a threat.  you tell me a threat and i will take you to court”  he looked out the window and then shot back “you threaten me i will threaten you.  i will take you to court”.  suppressing laughter i looked at him and said “its not a threat its a promise.  i WILL castrate you if you tell that secret”

as i drove off to our next location with you missing a beat k$ [for the 10 time that day] started into how he does not need to go to school on june 16 for the 100th time.  i was so tempted to bring up his impeding castration again but i figured that would be to much…

about 10 min into the car ride he looked at me again and said “YOU TELL ME A THREAT [TICK #1 and #3] i will tell you a threat and take you to jail”  i guess it started to sink in.

hopefully he can keep it!


PS.  do you want this?  i think you do.  BUY IT NOW.

what about this:



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3 responses to “.sh*t.money.says

  1. bob Hughes

    That is Mean what said about k$

  2. bob Hughes

    That is Mean what said about k$

  3. totally following lisa now.

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