in case you live under a rock last night was NIGHT 2 of the moroccan adventure.

i have a few questions about these sickos and why the UNITED STATES allowed them to leave our confines, or perhaps why they were let back in. No do not get me wrong, i love this show and the drama that it brings to my dull life but i mean UGLY american times 10.

second HOW DID THE COUNTESS get all this MONEY??? i mean i am assuming that she is paying for this since she invited them (remember back to when bethany invited her surfing on season 1 and then left her to pay the bill). perhaps bravo paid, regardless who the hell does the countess think she is.

third, is sonja the new kelly?!?!? i mean she is off her effing rocker!!!  and if she was off having dinner with the king of saudi arabia right after the gulf war i think she can handle the desert.

i do like how cindy stood up for sonja even though she was totally hating on her and i feel like she is going to murder sonja in her sleep on episode 3.

WHAT THE HELL is alex wearing????  and why is jill wearing a fanny pack and talking about bobby… perhaps she and boby are in trouble.

before you move on poor yourself a trenta of pinot grigio, apply for citizenship in a new country, and take about 6 xanax.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

did you follow my directions?  they made more sense right?



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