my two very best BFFs are going to be married in the next year.  WJK and AMC.

i am the MOH in AMC’s wedding and i am first bridesmaid in WJK’s (her little sister is MOH but she is only 16) SOOOOO i have the honor of planning the bachlorette parties.

well i thought i had the honor of planning AMCs until i got a little e-mail from her, where she outlined the weekend we will be having. ONE WORD: BRIDESMAIDS.

it will end up being something similar to this:Vodpod videos no longer available.

and not something like this although i cannot make any promises Vodpod videos no longer available.

and i will be annie,  in coach, hammered out of my mind.  only, thankfully AMC has seen me thorough much worse and she would NEVER leave me for helen.  [i hope].

in WKJs wedding i will be helen.  i will ursurp her littler sister and i will be passing out small labrador pups as gifts.  b.c i am that amazing.  [you have to see the movie b.c there are no clips on youtube]

off to sew my own dress so i can afford all those puppies for WJK’s wedding…


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  1. Whit

    Haha I love you AM

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