yep.  that is me.

many of you do not know but i really wanted to major in home economics.  apparently i was about 40 years to young for that major and so i ended up in finance.  SO SIMILAR.

regardless, i have been crafting up a storm in my free time.  so far i have made 2 pillow cases, 3 hand bags, one special project for a special girl that cannot be disclosed, and this rug.

here are my pillow cases (sans pillows), that will look SO perfect in my new diggs!

they both have envelope closure in the back (also known as two panel).  i am going to make 2 more ruffle pillows to match.

to make just pick what size pillow you want: i chose a 15 inch and a 20 inch.

give your self a .5 inch seam allounce so cut out a perfect square of one inch bigger so i cut out a 16 inch square and a 21 inch square.

for the back divide your width by 2 (16/2 =8; 21/2=10.5) .  this will be your with for one side of the envelope.  for the other you take that and add 4 inches.  (8+4=12; 10.5+4 =14.5), this will be the other side of the envelope (the outer most side).

now take the two pieces of the back and sew a .5 inch hem.  this will make it neat for where they overlap.

pin with right sides facing eacher and sew with a .5 inch seem.

clip corners and turn right side out.


TADA!  now be so proud of yourself.

again sorry for the lack of pictures i am still sans camera.


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