you ever have so much going on in your life that you just chose to pretend that none of it is happening.

i do.  ie right NOW!

currently on my plate i have my little procedure (endoscope to see whats up with my stomach), becoming homeless, and AMC’s engagement party.  well when i write it down it does not seem like so much but it really is.

anyway all of these things are happening in june.  exact dates i am quite unsure of.  all i know is that the start june first and well the end mid june.

as to the homeless aspect i think i might have that covered, for a while pending that i have a job to move to in august.

well here’s to putting it all off for one more day so that i can join ames at the yhact club and get my tan on!  oh yes and hit up dunkin donuts (that weight loss program also can wait until tomorrow)


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