so i did it. i chopped my hair.

before you get all “oh my god” please know my hair was josie grosie. see:
i want you to know i paid for this hair cut… granted it was a few months ago but still it was clearly not worth the money.  hence i decided to cut it my self this time.

this is what i cut off:some poor little cancer kid is going to shit her pants when she gets this awesome hair in a sexy new wig!  i think this is the best option.  while i would love some custom made extensions, i think that helping out a poor little girl is much better.

so now my hair looks like this:i love it.  it is not perfect.  perfect for my life right now.

after chopping my hair i texted AMC and let her know.  her response “should i be concerned?”  my response “no i love it”  and i do.  i love it b.c for the first time in a while i took control and have total control over my outcome.  while i can not have control over getting a job, having a home after june 25, or knowing my future i was able to take control over my hair and i love it.

originally i was going to go have it shaped at a salon, but i think for the time being i am going to keep it how it is.  NO FEAR AMC i will get it shaped before i visit but for the week or so i want to live with my chatoic hair to match my chaotic life.  perfect harmony.

(its better then pulling a britney)

please forgive the photos again they were taken via black berry b.c i am still without a camera.  HINT LISA HINT HINT


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