are you on pintrest?

you should be.  it is amazing and my newest obsession.  well i have been obsessing for a while but due to my tennis issues, sewing projects (post on that tomorrow), and all over life issues, i have not posted about it yet.

anyway pintrest is great.  you can pick up a picture from anywhere on the web and ‘pin’ it to your idea board on pintrest and share it with all the other pintrest people.  you can also have followers and follow people or just following their specific idea boards.

while i would like to pretend that this site adds lots of value to the world, it does not.  it just brings all the amazingness out on the world wide web and brings it to one place so i can more easily waste hours of my time.

if you are not on pintrest and want to be leave a comment below and i will invite you.  you have to be invited, and lucky for you, you know me and i will invite you.  i am that big of a deal.  (as if you did not know)




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43 responses to “.pintrest.

  1. cole.b

    I NEED an invite right now!

  2. rebecca

    pleeeeeze invite me, and thanks in advance!

  3. lolly

    Why hello! This may seem random but i am searching around on HOW to get invited to pintrest, and I came across your blog… I have no idea if you have a limited number of invites, but i would be super greatful if you could invite me. I have spent hours on there looking at all sorts of images and would love to have my own little collection!
    Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

  4. katie maksimov

    I need an invite to pintrest, please !!!!!!

  5. jennifer

    if you still have any invites i’d love one. thanks 😀

  6. Ember

    Please invite me 🙂

  7. shawndel

    Hi I came across this amazing web page pintrest saw you were offering an invite would so appreciate it if you would invite me. Thank you so much.

  8. Angie

    I would love an invite. I hope you are still passing them out.;)

  9. Darla Tolson

    I would like an invite please, thanks.

  10. Lisa

    I would an invite if you have any more left!:-)))))

  11. Summer

    I would sincerely appreciate an invite if you still have any!!! I have been trying to get one forever!!! thanks!

  12. Would you invite me??? I would love to waste my time on Pintrest 🙂

  13. would you be able to invite me please?? i have been waiting for a pintrest invite for so long! 🙂

  14. kelly

    i would love an invite, please1

  15. Briana

    Can I please have an invite? Ive been anxiously awaiting an invite from the main page and now im getting desperate!!

  16. Jessica

    I just heard of this site and I’m dying to know what it’s all about! Can you send me an invite?

  17. Tracy Davies

    Can I please have an invite too??

  18. Pamela

    Please invite me 🙂 I have been waiting for weeks!

  19. Chris

    May I have an Invite?

  20. Please please please send me an invite. I’ve been waiting for over a month now! Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  21. Heather

    I was wondering if you could email my mom with an invite to pintrest? She’s been waiting for awhile to get one from the main page so I thought it might be a cool surprise if I could round one up for her. Her name is Susie and I’ll leave her email in the details below. Thank you so very much! =D

  22. shivon

    can i get an invite too please?

  23. Will Knowles

    I would love an invite if that is not too much bother.
    Thanks so much !!

  24. Kristen Murphy

    Hi! I would love an invite too! Thank you 🙂

  25. Faith

    Can you please send me an invite, I have been waiting for a while now. Thank you!!!

  26. can I get an invite please?

  27. Lisa

    Hey I’d really love a pintrest invite! THANKS! 🙂

  28. Allison Morris

    Omg, I just found pintrest a few days ago and I am already dying to join! I’m on it for hours everyday. I was wondering how to get invited. I would love it if u would invite me! Pretty pretty please and thank you!

  29. Jessica

    Would LOVE an invite! I can stop looking at this Pinterest, but I would love to save the things I look at instead of saving them all in a folder on my desktop 😉 Hope you still have more invites and it is greatly appreciated!!

  30. dee steeves

    Thank you for offering a invite for Pinterest, I would love to get one, just found out about this today!

  31. Holly

    Invite me PLEASE!!! 😀

  32. Can you please send me an invite too? Thank you.

  33. Toni

    I would love an invite, please!!

  34. Demi

    Please send me a pintrest invite!!!

  35. Kiera

    Could I please please get an invite! I am so excited to get started!

  36. amber

    can i get an invite please? amberpratt09@yahoo.com

  37. Brittany

    Can you invite me please

  38. Jaykishan Lathigara

    my email id is – jplathigara@gmail.com

    pls invite me on pintrest….

  39. I’d love an invite. Nice blog! Thanks.

    buchanan61911 at gmail dawt com

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