WARNING!! do not read on if you a. think i complain too much.  b. take adult sports seriously c. played tennis against me monday night.

So i am in a USTA tennis league.  it is all women who work (you can stop laughing i had student teaching!!).  anyway we play on sunday but it rained yesterday so i played my make up today.  i take tennis about as seriously as i take everything else in my life.  aka NOT SERIOUSLY AT ALL.

some women take tennis VERY seriously.  i played against one of these bitches last night.  you know the type, weather it is at your job, in an adult sports league or anywhere else where you run in to other people.  they want to win at all costs.  i have never been one of these people.  i actually don’t give a flying shit if i win.  i would rather play good tennis and get annihilated then play shitting tennis against ogars who play mind games.  and i would like to find a group of women who enjoy binge drinking after matches, before matches, DURING matches…

anyway this woman i played against really just pissed me off.  she called a let when it was my partners call, she called double bounces on me when they were my call and they DID NOT double bounce.  i mean seriously why on earth would i lie.  i do not lie.  EVER.  (its on facebook so it HAS TO BE true).

anyway back to this bitch at tennis.  she was a real pain and i now loath her.  while losing does not really bother me people playing middle school mind games really does.  i mean if the only thing you have going for you is winning by cheating at womens tennis then go for it, in the words of lisa “i’ll pray for you”.

also another thing that really bothers me is keeping the score in tennis.  i get stage fright when it is my serve and i always mess up.  this really pisses other people off.  the thing is i would swear to heaven above i say it right but everyone else tells me i say it wrong.  regardless i don’t know why you must not only concentrate on serving the ball but also scream out the score.  and why everyone has to jump up your ass when you say it wrong.

AGAIN this is adult tennis.  there is no money, no college money, no endorsement deals, NOTHING at stake.  so back off people.

end of my rant.  until sunday…


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