so i was going to give my hair to locks of love.  well thats a lie.  i am to0 lazy/noncommittal to get my hair cut.  while most people hate going to the doctor or dentist, i hate going to get my hair cut.

its the loss of control.  i know it.  i own it, but that does not mean i need to give in.  instead i like to constantly look like a homeless woman who chose nike shorts over a comb.

so back to giving it to locks of love.  i was going to get my hair cut and i knew i was going to lose a lot so i was like hmmm i can give it to locks of love.  then i saw their guidelines.  while my hair is long if i get 10 inches off i will be bald headed.  so i was like WAIT!  i have nice hair maybe i can sell it.  google search led me to this CREEPY website.

thankfully i have what they call “virgin” hair.  yep i am only of the only people left in the world who does not color their hair.  again lets revisit that loss of control issue.

back to the website.  could you imagine there were this many other people as hard up for cash as me??

then i was like well no one is going to chose my hair so maybe i can make my own extensions.  easy enough right.  well in my Google search if found rodolfo valentin .

SERIOUSLY?  i mean can you even find RODOLFO in this photo.  i about peeded my pants.

needless to say i am still unclear about my hair issue but i have crossed a few things off of the list of possibilites:

  1. cut it myself
  2. give to locks of love
  3. give it to RODOLFO
  4. sell it online
  5. make my own extensions
  6. keep growing until i can make a decision

for now, i will just rock the sloppy bun and pretend like its not an issue.



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2 responses to “.hair.

  1. KMW

    Since you decided not to sell your hair, donation is still an option with Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths (for women with cancer). You only need 8 inches for them…unless that would still render you salad bowl-ish. In that case, keep the hair. 🙂

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