i am finished!  i have successfully finished my masters program.  THANK GOD.  there will be no graduation pics as i will be celebrating lil’ AJHs COLLEGE GRADUATION in DAYTON this weekend and i don’t have a camera.  so much more important and a much better party!!!

i celebrated this weekend by going to an interview on saturday morning and partying the night away in DC!  the interview was not really what i expected but i ROCKED IT.  not i just have to stalk multiple schools to try and get a principal interested.

then the fun began.  i met up my with fellow graduate CWD and her husband, DD, and hit up tyson’s square.  Lisa had sent me off to DC with a list of gifts to pick up as we do not have the greatest shopping down here.  i quickly checked off all the items, picked up a few extra special thing for special birthday girl, and even celb stalked newt gingrich.  well i turned a corner in tiffany and there he was reading his kindle.  i quickly texted pa-thug who wanted me to get a pick and check out who he was with.

we spent the night celebrating a friend of CWD and DD’s birthday.  it was so nice to meet new people, and have a good time.  (i might have over indulged).  it totally solidified that DC is the perfect choice for me next year and got me very excited about stalking multiple principals begging for a job.




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2 responses to “.done!.

  1. Cole.b

    DC IS perfect for you! You have to move there. I am still kicking myself for not doing it.

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