Today is my best friend AMC’s birthday! I had planned to do a wonderful picture collage but I am still in the car returning from re and Yo’s house. [update on that tomorrow]

I have told you about amc plenty of times but today I would like to flash back to her most memorable birthday. I believe it was our senior year. We went out hard the night before and at about 3 the next day she, kw and I got our hot mess selves together enough to drive the 5 blocks to the only movie theater in oxford to see baby mama (I think we might have actually been driven by jpc because we were in such bad shape)

Life was hard for all of us. I spent a good 2/3 of the movie with my head between my legs b.c I a) could not sit up b) could not focus on the picture and c) was on the edge of vomiting.

About the time Tina fey catches amy poehler peeing in the sink something miraculous happened. (this is gross so skip if you must) I let out the largest grossest burp in the world. In that moment my life was changed. I was cured of my hang over and ready for life!

To this day, a text from AMC with the words “baby mama” let me know exactly how bad the hang over is.

To me that is the basis of a great friendship.



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