that’s right.  this girl in on a gluten binge and is going ALL OUT.

ever since i got baking with julia i have been dieing to make croissants.  i have been tres nervous about it b.c well there are a ton of steps and i did not want to fail.  then i saw that whitney made them: christ on a croissant this and the recent go ahead from the dr. was just the push i needed to make them.  whit used the annie’s eats recipe you may remember her from the blue berry scones. i will use grandma julia’s because, well, i love her.

i tried to make the dough 2 days ago but when i went to roll it out yesterday something was wrong.  you may have seen this tweet:

when i figured out that it was wrong and i needed to start over.  this is really putting the pressure on today b.c i wanted to have the dough finished completely to take down to SC for easter.  now i am hoping to rush though the next 2 turns so i have it in the pre-roll out stage to take it down.

heres hoping they turn out.  if so i will post a picture of us enjoying!


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