today is the first day of spring break!  and it could not have come a day sooner!

i knew it was going to be a good day when i woke up to this guy on my cellphone:

i just love how everyone i know KNOWS i am dieing to get a gooldendoole.  i e-mailed a breeder on sunday about a few pups they had on their website but have not heard anything back. I have been asking doodle parents at the dog park about where they adopted their pups from but they are so secretive.  maybe they see that i already have two dogs and do not think i should own another.  little do they know that both bailey and dusty are going to texas while i stay on the EC.  well bailey might stay with me because we dont think he can make the air plane ride but even so i NEED MISTER BELEVDERE GIMLET to keep me company when the unthinkable happens to grandpa (my newest nickname for bailey)

so anyway AJH’s BFF JENIFER (if only you could hear how k$ says it) sent me the pic becuase her sister just adpoted the pup.  JENIFER is also the same person who gifted me a airline credit so i can go to AMC’s engagement party so right now i basically LOVE HER.

today is all about me.  i am only doing things that make me happy.  so besides searching for potential MISTER BELEVDERE GIMLETs i gave myself a little mani pedidon’t be so j. of my awesome pictures (and fat feet) i am still in need of a new digital camera, and have always had fred flintstone feet. hence my love of mens shooes (story for another day).

next up on my day of me: BAKING!  now that i am on a gluten gorge (getting a scope done on june 1) i am consuming gluten out the wazzo.  while i was in pain all weekend, today i am shitting up a storm so who knows what the next 5 weeks hold.  all i know is i am going to indulge!

first up:



CROISSANTS from my julia child book.  and if i get really creative pain au chocolate.

sorta really makes me miss urbn explorer and our parisian adventures!


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