that’s right we turned 1-year-old during my little hiatus.  funny that i started this blog to help me in my journey to becoming the happy person that i once was and longed to become and i missed its first birthday because i am sill on that journey.

Starting on april first here are all the things that have happened:

  • black beauty (my now 18 year old jeep) exploded.  i was exiting the high way and the car just shut off and smoke started billowing from the hood, then there was a bang, more smoke shooting fluid.  it was 1 giant mess.  also i was in a little white tennis dress now just chilling in downtown.  i was on the way to baby sit so not only i was a i now without a car but also now going to not make any money.
  • lisa and i went out on a girls night and lisa got the irish flew.  poor k$ thinks this is actually contagious.  since we only had 1 car and 4 different places to be on sunday i made lisa ride in the car with me to go out to clean.  she vomed.  it was bad.  i got a rental car
  • teaching this week was horrible and if you follow me on twitter you saw that on thursday i quit.  i not longer am teaching just observing b.c administration is not backing me up on providing consequences to one of my classes that refuses to listen to me.
  • i picked up my jeep thanks to my friend, the radiologist.  we were just twitter friends after meeting on the bar crawl a month ago but while i was hammered on saturday night (you know the night lisa caught the flu) i took it to the next step and we became text buddies.
  • i broke things off with piety date.  well there was nothing to break off but i stoped returning his phone calls.  this was really not intentional but i was MAD SICK (guess i forgot that earlier) and had no voice and was going to bed at like 8pm.


anyway i survived all that and here i am.  i have about 4 half started possts that i will finish for your reading pleasure next week.

glad to be back (ALSO 5 school days left till spring break!)



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