My MOH, AMH (via Life: Sunspired)

look what my BFF AMC posted! i found out on sunday night that she had asked me to be her MOH or maid of honor after returning home from texas. I was so excited i wanted to call her at 1am to scream yes! I waited and kept is a BIG secret until she spilled the beans!

with her approval i will be sharing with you the AMAZING cards i made for her to use when she asked her bridal party. and the little present that she gave us as well. (i haven’t taken it off!)

My MOH, AMH Since everyone does Wedding Wednesday, I thought I would be different and do wedding Tuesday.  I say this like it was planned out, but really I have to blog when the mood strikes!!  So today you get Wedding Tuesday.  Moving on… So far one of my favorite parts about planning the wedding has been choosing the members in my bridal party.  Today it’s all about my MOH – AMH (I like the ring to that!)  Anne-Marie (AM or AMH) and I became fast friends … Read More

via Life: Sunspired


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