This is now the catch phrase of the weekend. This is also the endearing term k$ was screaming at all of us last night. And yes I do mean us as it was lisa and thugs only interaction with him that day.

Other amazing things k$ has said/done during our time together:

locked the door with ajh and I inside while going to watch for thug and lisa to roll up.

Got a $20 chicken dinner dish at the sushi place last night. (Friday in lent=no meat) he did not eat or even touch it. Claiming he does not like sushi.

While watching the Justin beiber pro-active commercial he claimed I need that. Ajh get it for me for my birthday.

Woke up at 5 in the morning to nosh on a cookie that sounded just like squirrels mating.

At mission burrito told the woman he wanted a meat quesadilla. When she asked what kind he said MEAT as if she knew that meant chicken vs steak, ground beef, and pork.

He is now contentley watching sex in the city with ajh and I. I think he is picking up tips. Aparently his last interaction with the female form was sticking his hand up a mannequins skirt at [Ann Taylor] loft. I think it was to check if she was anatomically correct (because he would know)

I guess if lisa and thug do follow through on my new outfit we have to leave k$ at home.



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2 responses to “.give.me.that.candy.

  1. K$

    Give me that fish!

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