Well today is day three of our “family vacation”. Aka today is the third day I have spent 99% of the day alone with k$. the rest of the time has been spend listening to complaints of those now aggravated with k$.

Please send me back to my 7th graders.

For this I blame lisa and thug. The have spent the past two days “house hunting”. Ajh had a job interview yesterday and because of her skin is able to excape inside time with k$. My poor white body can only handle so much sun at a time and well k$ does not like laying out so again I find myself alone with him on our “family” vacation.

From the time we were set to arrive in Houston I had two wishes. 1. Shopping at the galleria 2. Whole foods.
Two niceties I have been deprived of in Norfolk.

I am beginning to realize no one in my family gives a shit.

Last night lisa made a fleeting comment that I am owed a new outfit from j.crew for my babysitting services. At this point i think I am owed an hermes bangle, an outfit and sunglasses. (may I also note that I just realized I again lost k$)

I know I will get nothing in return for my babysiting. But if anyone cares. I have down graded my wishes to a mani-pedi. In Houston they are only $25. Um YES PLEASE.

Well I should go look for my 17 year old brother … The joy of family.


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