omg i am living for the weekends.  this is not the way to live life as you only enjoy 2/7 of your life.  but it is what i have been reduced to this week.  On Tuesday i started counting down to the weekend and now that is it finally here i cannot imagine going back to school on monday.

when i said i had the week from hell i dont think it gives the whole picture.  i am pretty sure satan has manifested himself in 50 0ut of my 74 students.  So yes there are about 24 that are amazing.  They never speak out, never cheat, never ask the same questions 34 times.  They don’t talk back, they don’t fight, lie or try and beat the living shit out of one another.

BUT THE OTHER 50 made a pack with the devil to get their new air jordans.  i am sure with it.

because of this awful week that culminated in a HORRIBLE Friday i had to cancel my date last night.  i just could no do it.  i actually went to bed at 7:30 and woke up refreshed at 3am.  only to go back to sleep and wake up again this morning feeling WONDERFUL.

but it is the weekend and it is time to forget those little heathens and go on with my life…

tonight a Purim party with my jewish friends!  its 1920s themed, i was going to make myself a really cute dress this week but as you can only imagine from above i really did not have time.  so i will improvise!


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