the better life is!

bet that is not what you thought i would say!  today is a really important day for me and NO it is not because it is ash wednesday!  (did you get your ashes??)

a year ago today i made a series of decisions that forever changed my life.  while i would not say that i am happy i did the things that i did, i am happy that my life has forever been changed and that these events helped me to become the person that i am today.

a year ago my best friend AMC, my sister and my parents helped me to see that i am a worthy and important person who deserves only the best in life.  without them i would not be here today let alone be the person that i am.  i had let other people tell me for too long who i was and what i was worth and a year ago all that changed.

today i will take time to celebrate me, to celebrate my family and friends and to celebrate all that makes me happy, because all too often i forget these things in the flourish that is life,  wont you do the same?


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