since i believe all of you stalk me via twitter i know you saw my back and forth with whitney . where i lamented about not having gluten free croissant.

WELL since apparently i like waking up at 4 am i also spent HOURS yes HOURS before 7 am (because 3 is the same as hours right?) this morning playing and i FOUND a recipe on the in-ter-net. (say is slow like its a revelation)

YES IT CAN BE DONE!  I found this GLUTEN FREE HOMEMADE CROISSANTS.  and YIKES it looks like work but it is a lot of work for these little clouds of heaven.

now, i have a croissant recipe from my julie child cook book and i feel like she rolls over in her grave every time i have to pass it on the book shelf to grab my gluten free cookbook but i miss these little guys so much i am willing to betray my grandma friend, julia, for this recipe. while, i love croissant and pain-au-chocolate SOOOO much i do not love the way they make me feel.  not even enough to cheat on my gluten free life style for just a taste.

so perhaps i will attempt these suckers.  HOWEVER, i am going to wait until i get my labs back from the doctor.

oh, thats right i did not share with you.  i had a doctors appointment yesterday and for the first time in YEARS a doctor took me and all my symptoms seriously.  like all doctors he does not believe i have a gluten intolerance b.c i do not have explosive diarrhea (sorry if your eating breakfast)  but took my other issues seriously and wants to do all this blood work on me.  YES more needle sticks by people who can’t find my veins.

but i digress.

let me tell you a little about me new doctor friend.  he was like 1/3 my size and FOTB from like india or something, and i am still not quite sure what his name is.  we had a little trouble at first and i HATED him until he started to take my issues with gluten seriously.  after that we became BFFs.  then he did what all people do when i have to admit i don’t eat gluten.

DOC: oh you must have hard time eating out
ME: WELL NO SHIT ASSHOLE (haha that is what i thought) i really said: no most places are really accomadating
DOC: yes i saw at panera bread they do not have gluten free menu
ME: YEAH A$$HOLE I NORMALLY DON’T EAT AT PLACES WITH BREAD IN THE TITLE and out outloud i said: yeah i try not to eat at chain restaurants
DOC: shakes head and types into computer for like 5 minutes without looking at me.

all in all i think i will stick with him and not try and find my 5th doctor in like 3 years. i mean i am moving in a few short months, RIGHT???


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