i am like a modern day marvel.  i know that you think the same thing to yourself every day so lets just lay it out here.

This weekend i put my domesticity to use and made a new type of gluten free bread AND HOMEMADE OREOS.  oreos have been a guilty pleasure in my family for as long as i can remember and i must say that after bagels they are the thing i miss the MOST now that i am gluten free.

thanks to a few of my internet/blog friends i was finally given the kick in the a$$ i need to made these!  first, i saw the recipe on gluten free girl and chef.  she bakes in weight so i put it to the side until i got myself a scale (actually Lisa got me a scale and we went cheep and it does not give exact measurements but i digress).  i again saw these suckers pop up over on whit’s amuse bouche. (Side note: whitney also went to miami and is a sorority sister of AMC, so we are like IRL by like 7 degrees of separation).

you can click to see the gluten free option from shauna or the gluten filled version from whit.  either way you need to be making these little suckers at home.

so now is the time where i put in all the pretty pictures of my bread and cookies right?  WONG.  i still don’t have a camera and don’t want to talk about it.  so i will make you dear reader who i love so much SUFFER along with me and you must now look at pictures i took from my blackberry.

makes you feel sorry for me, doesn’t it???

and the tweet of my oreos pre-filling (the are still not filled as the day got away from me and i am throwing myself a pity party (i’ll talk about this later)

and here they all filled and calling my name… do you hear it?

ps do you see how GREAT my black berry picture taken has gotten??

here is the tweet you may have seen about my bread:

i got the recipe from gluten free cooking school.  there are pros and cons of this bread.  Pro: it had great texture, looks like bread and is easy to make. Con: it tastes like corn, it crumbles easily and is a bit dry.
i will be making it again and adding a little potato flour to try and get some moisture into the bread.  i LOVE the way it rises up and has large air bubles.  it is light and not dense at all.

now is the time for all of you to comment about how you want to by my goods on etsy and the go purchase a coffee hug or some nice stationery.  b.c seriously your enough of an a-hole for waiting this long do you really need to keep killing trees by using those awful horrible UGLY cardboard sleeves.

oh and my pity party… well you will have to check back tomorrow!


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