so you read all about my big date tonight and thought that i would be posting all about it right about … NOW.

well sucker you are wrong.  (mostly because i do my blog posts a day or so in advance and it is currently 11pm on Wednesday night).

to get your mind off my love life (or SERIOUS LACK THERE OF)  i will share with you the love life of someone WAY more entertaining than myself: charlie sheen.  there are about 3 things in life i love more then a good celebrity train wreck: coffee, vodka gimlets and my bed, so as you can see this is VERY high up there.  and if you have been living in a hole the past week then you dont know about my friend mr. sheen, if you have not been skip the next paragraph.

charlie sheen is a coked up train wreck who can not stay out of the public eye.

you probably know he has twitter: @charliesheen.  you may also know his is a winner, he has tiger blood and sorta really wants to be me circa 2008, and he loves porn stars.  while the whole thing is incredibly sad it is also very intriguing.  like where is his mom?  we all know martin, his father, tries really hard but like seriously can we get someone like kris jenner on charlie’s a$$.  you know she would kick him in to shape and get his life turned up side down.  i would say lock him up in a room with brittney but that would be like a self imploding bomb that could take down all of california if not the whole us.

happy Thursday!

ps UM CHRISTINA anyway i detest her and really don’t care about this at all other then the fact it just adds to my dislike.  one time i got to meet her back stage and she would not touch anyone like this little girl wanted to hug her and she refused.


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  1. ajh

    hahaha she was such a bitch when we met her.

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