i did my first adult bar crawl over the weekend and well i will mark it up as a success!

highlights of the night:

  • playing (and not puking on) golden tee!
  • seeing the head of my department out and calling him by his “teacher” name
  • introducing AAF to my 2 favorite drinks, vodka gimlets & makers and diet.  however, she was not a fan of either
  • meeting and attempting to friend a tatoo artist
  • convincing myself i was called plain jane vanilla and becoming inconsolable over it
  • champagne at 2 am
  • watching the office
  • getting a new twitter friend!

i just sorta sad that one of my most fun nights in norfolk is coming at the end of my time here.  at least it was a great way to celebrate AFF’s birthday and the completion of our comps exams!



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  1. ajh

    yaaay so happy you had fun!! should we bar crawl Houston march 26th??!

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