Lucky you.

It’s 11PM, I’ve been in bed since 9:30 and I still can’t sleep. Like wide awake, can’t fall asleep, ansty/restless legs, nothing will put me to asleep, awake.

Perhaps it is the 1000 things I have to do keeping me awake, perhaps it is residual from my awsome workout tonight.

Either way I just want to fall asleep.

In other news here is another installment of ‘sh*t my students say”

“what is wrong with ya face”. In response to my peeling skin. Girl next to her says “oh Rich (not real name) said its cause she’s growing a mustache”

-WHAT??? No part of that interaction made any sence. Also don’t even play me about having a mustache.

“ms. H you married?”. Me: no. “you got a baby?” me: no. “you got yourself a man?” me: no. “you EVER had a man?”

“Ms. H what kind of ring is that?”. Me: its a Claddah, its Irish. “ohhhh you Irish. That’s why you talk funny!”

And my last AMAZING quote was not directed at me but at my cooperating teacher:

“why don’t you just make love to the security guide, I don’t care”

Hope your sleeping!

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