i am petrified of goats.  in kindergarten i went on a field trip to a farm or goat heaven, not really sure BUT i was attacked by a goat on that field trip.

the goat monster attempted to eat my clothes and then sent out a goat message to all other goats that from then on i should be the target of their mouths.  Every time i am near farm animals these little creatures seek me out and attempt to relive the original attack.

apparently i am the only little girl every attacked by a goat because when i did a google search to get a video or a picture of what my attack was like there was nothing.  so i leave you with this:

now that we are all clear on the fact that goats and i do not get along i will get to the point of this post… DONKEYS.

if you already read farmgirl fare then you know all about the daily donkey.  if not be prepared to be WOWED.for the interactive one that i worked so hard on but could not figure out how to upload click here: donkey LOVE!  you will not be disappointed.  (all pictures were taken from farmgirl fare, because i don’t own and donkeys… SAD DAY)

i will be absent until sunday.  sorry.  i have my comp exam on saturday, a observation at school on thursday and well i just can’t do it all.  maybe ill get a post in, but don’t get your big girl panties all bunched if you don’t see my until sunday! xoxox


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