so normally i am a really happy person right?  well like many people i hate valentines day.  there is really no reason for me to do so but i just think it is completely pointless.  i mean people in relationships already had a day to celebrate their love, their anniversary!  why do we need to have another day where one 1/2 of the relationship thinks of all these great ideas and is completely disappointed by the shit the other 1/2 slaps together at the last minute.

i sound bitter right?  well get over it.  i am not bitter i am just cynical.  HUGE DIFFERENCE.  even when i was in a relationship i always found valentines day to be a let down.  maybe this was do to my other half??

For those of you entering the give away and posting about your best or worst valentines day you know what yours is.  what is mine?  well in high school my parents gave me tickets to time mcgraw for valentines day!  best ever!  worst ever, don’t really have one.  i bet most of you were thinking i was going to talk about when i met the ass hole (we went on our first date on valentines day, or last year right after we broke up) but no, the only one that really sticks out is when i got that ticket to tim mcgraw!

but back to why i am writing this post!  did you watch SNL?  you know i love SNL and watch it on sunday mornings on the DVR.  well on weekend edition this week stefan, played by bill hader, gave some awesome recommendations on what to do this valentines day in NYC.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

when he brought up the human suitcase i spit out my coffee.  this may be the best part of my valentines day.  well that and celebrating my BFF kris’s 25 birthday!  welcome to the old kids club!


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