another one of my IRL bffs has started a BLOG!

there is nothing more i love then when i have irl friends blogging!  i will use her first name here as she uses it on her site so no need to hid it (although i DO love coming up with nick names).

kelly, who also went to miami and is sorority sister to AMC, lives in chicgo, has impeccable style and has now decided to share it with the world!

chicago has style too

i mean how cute is her header.

her tag line is also to die for : Proving the fly over states have fashion sense… one photo at a time.

kelly is also in the mist of the 30 day challenge: you know where you pick 30 pieces of clothes and remix them for 30 days!

you should deff add her to your google reader!

also have you entered the give away????  do it, everyone is!


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