have you been wondering how to get your hands on an exclusive cole b. outerwear scarf?


for valentines day i am teaming up with nicole of cole b. outerwear to give away a red scarf and a caroline coffee hug backed in red!

here is the scarf you will get!and the lovely nicole, of cole b. outerwear modeling it!

here i am wearing my blue cole b. outerwear scarf:
i also have an ivory one that i was going to wear to school today but since it is a SNOW day!  i am still in my pjs and makeup free so no picture YET!

who is nicole of nicole b. outerwear?  she is the mother of a adorable 7 month old, a pr genius and an expert crocheter (is that how you spell it?) .  she was also one of the inspirations for me to start my own etsy shop!  she is the daughter of lil deb cakes, and a true friend to me.  she had to recently move with her husband from charlotte to louisville, ky.  to say it was a big change for her would be an understatement.  but she put on her big girl panties and has made the best of it!  she even sells her scarves at a local shop and has become a local gem!

this is your chance to get a highly coveted scarf for FREE!

while nicole does not have her own etsy shop you can e-mail her at colebouterwear(at)gmail[dot]com.  she has an amazing color palette.

hopefully i can get some more pictures of the exact scarf we are giving away but due to my recent loss, it had been hard.

Contest rule:

for initial entry: leave a comment about your best/worst valentines day on this post.

after leaving a comment you can get additional entries by


the winner will be picked on monday at 5pm using random.org



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6 responses to “.GIVE AWAY.

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  3. best vday gift ever was a six of good beer and chipotle [since the nearest one was 45 mins away back then].

    worst?…i’ll get back to you tuesday.

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  5. ajh

    best valentines day = sophomore year of college. Daytona training followed up by los tres (mexican restuarnt) dinner with all my girlfriendz.

    worst = probably this year considering i have class then work and no special valentine

  6. Danielle

    Best Valentines Day: This year. Instead of falling into quick love with a guy i’ve known for a month or end up completely alone…I came up with an alternative idea that seems to work out the best; Valentines Day with my best friend. This year my best guy friend from home who goes to WVU and I decided to exchange gifts and etc showing our platonic love for each other. Considering we have been friends since 1st grade I am confident that we will not only remain friends but it was money well spent (aka not wasting money on someone who I could potentially break up with). Can’t wait to see what I got!

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