a horrible thing happened and i have been unable to talk about it until now.  I have been unable to come to terms with it really.

what is this horrible thing, this unspeakable thing?

my camera broke!

while many of you may think that i am being overly dramatic let me just remind you that A. i do not have a job right now and cannot purchase a new one. B. i have had that camera since 2006 when i went to europe. c. me and my sony cybershot have been though some really hard times together, and D. NOW I CANNOT POST DECENT PICTURES TO MY ETSY SHOP.  (that none of you have bought anything from by the way!)

i called amc before the super bowl on sunday to try and process the devastating news.  i am not sure how i have been able to function the past couple of days.

while i never named my camera we were very close, it had its own little kate spade bag that it lived in and usually spent its time at the bottom of my hand bag.  it was able to survive 6 years of horrible abuse and i really just wish it was able to hold on until august.  From the first time i used it i have been doping it, leaving it at the bottom of my bag and falling while having it in my grips.  the poor camera has been through a lot.

on the flip side it has been on some amazing adventures; all over europe, to canada, to at least 5 weddings, 2 funerals, 2 bid nights, 2 college graduations, a baptism, a first communion, a half marathon, a marathon, my last college night at skippers, etc.

as you can see i was attached to my little buddy and now that every time i turn him on he just blinks and says power off and on again its heart breaking.

i read on the world wide web that i should try smacking my little friend in a spot where i last dropped it.  well that is hard as he was resing on my bed side table when i went to go turn him on to take pictures for esty and he was DEAD.  ie if i dropped him it would have been a really long time ago or in my sleep (IE DID NOT HAPPEN).

perhaps it is like when do bad drugs and like they tell you in heath class the high comes back to haunt you when  you least expect it.   maybe all the years (IT WAS ONLY 6) of abuse finally caught up with my little friend.  either way he is now dead: RIP.

and now all my pictures will come of my black berry (CLASSY).

this is also why the delay of the GIVEAWAY has been postponed.  it will be up tomorrow!  swear!


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