i have been mia lately, SORRY.  i know that i bring happy to many of your days and when i am mia the sky just is not as blue, the sun not as bright etc.

well i am back.  at least for today!

besides student teaching which has been kicking my A$$ i have been doing a little designing.

so for the grand reveal here are some of the newest products for my etsy shop!  do you love them???

designed with all my tennis friends in mind this is perfect for the tennis lover in your life!  color and text can be customized for your favorite player!

inspired by my cousin, sara.  she is getting a pack for her birthday but they can be individualize by color and by name for anyone special in your life!made with cole b.’s baby daughter in mind this is perfect for baby shower notes, a child’s birthday or any occasion,  text and colors can be customized!inspired by AMC’s recent engagement to her long time love JPC.  this is the perfect every day stationary!

i also created some fold over cards! 

inspired by little AJH and her job search this is the perfect, classy and preppy way to thank interviewers!  and a sure way to get the job.what can i say about this?  its plan amazing!  both amc and her mom (also amc) are getting a set!

there is nothing as classy as a thank you note and i am always on the hut for the perfect one, so i created some of my own!  done you love them?  they come with matching blue envelopes that just scream i really appreciate you and what you did for me!


the other great news i have to share with you is that i am teaming up with cole b. outer ware for a give away!  details to come on this week!  but stay tuned you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  ps.  her wears have been features in WDTWT? and are a regular in lisa and i’s winter wear!

i have also been working in my very own coffee hug sweat shop!  i love making them although me and my sewing machine and have been fighting quite a bit.  i hate to admit that 4 letter words have been flying but the result is amazing.  a very special valenties day coffee hug is also apart of the give away!  so get excited!


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