besides being introduced to pho over the weekend i attended a tennis party with my mother.  my father decided he would rather spend the evening with k$ and i am always available for an open bar so off to the yacht club with lisa i went.

while i have been gluten free for 2 months i still forget that when i go places there is a LARGE chance there is ONLY going to be food that i cannot have .  I totally forgot about this and luckly i was able to have some steak tips from the buffet, everything else looked questionable.  after a few crowns and diet i decided to be adventurous and took the spinach wrap off of a turkey wrap and ate the insides as a salad.  i am unsure if these wraps are gluten free or not but i am 80% sure they do contain gluten.

besides the food there was lots of fun to be had!  lisa’s tennis team is a wonderful group and they have been SO welcoming of me.  while the lady i baby sit for could not be there as she had knee surgery on friday, her sister was there along with many of the other women.  having gotten to know me and my issues over the past 2 years they love to help me on my husband hunt.  Melissa was on the prowl for me and selcted Don to be my object of the night.  don and i have alot in common so it was easy to see why she selected him.  we both have broken a hip, have a bed time of 8:30, play tennis, and have a restricted diet.  the only down side to don is that he is probably 75 and married.


all the women got to know mr. match before he moved as we played in plenty of tennis tournaments but they never understood that we were just friends.  he gets brought up a lot and it becomes hard to try and explain that even at 25 on the hunt for a husband you can just have a great guy friend.

there were lots of conversations about my future and where i am going to be heading as lisa and pa-thug head off to Houston at the beginning of summer.   fulled by my liquid intake i conceded to looking into moving to Houston but held strong on my commitment to MOVE AWAY from here.

i had a super cute outfit on but forgot to take a picture.  just take me at my word.  think gray mini, black top, black swiss dot tights, gold tory burch flats.  HOT.



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2 responses to “.weekend.wrapup.

  1. The lady you babysit for

    Love reading your blog! Just a note…maybe we thought Mr. Match was your boyfriend because you were wearing his hickey…lol.
    Love ya AM!

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