do you pho?

while i think of myself as a worldly eater i had never had the joy of pho noodles before my good friend AF introduced to me to them on saturday.  after an EXCRUCIATING hour meeting about my graduate program comp exam (af skipped out early and my other school friend CWD logged in at home because she now lives in NOVA), af took me to Great Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant.

always wary of new foods but willing to try, i was very interested in pho.  I don’t like to try new foods without someone who knows what they are doing so AF was the perfect companion.  We started with spring rolls, they are a great gluten free alternative to egg rolls!

Next up was the pho.  i followed AFs lead and got the pho with the beef.  it was perfect.   Along with the broth and beef your Pho has pho noodles (a rice noodle), anise, coriander (cilantro), and sweet basil and bean sprouts (that you add yourself!)  For a price tag of $5.50 it was the perfect lunch and it kept me full!

Af ordered extra beef in broth to add to her bowl i think that i will do that next time as there were only about 5 slices of beef in mine.  I cannot wait for my next pho experience.


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