did you read it?

the newest wave in amazing things i like to spend my time on is the internet magazine.  every time i see a new one i get this strange feeling of hate and wonder.  hate, because while i was wasting my life away at miami university i should have been forming my own internet magazine, with AMC, so we could be rich and famous ala mark zuckerberg without the feud (no facebook is not an internet magazine) BUT…

matchbook is

and so is lonymag

while i loved lony and look forward to is bimonthy issue i am HEAD OVER HEALS with matchbook.

from first look i was smitten with the kate spade esque home page.  perhaps its becuase the match book girl also views the world with rose colored glasses (i am thinking hers are with out scratches!) or maybe becuase we share the same fancys, either way, i must say, matchbook: i am in love with you!

i only wish i had a glossy copy to put it’s pictures up on my vision board.  (this would be if i had a vision board)  remind me to get back to that vision board thing… perhaps i can do it of my new space.

the piece on the burberry trench coat spoke to me.  i have been longing for one of these for as long as i can remember.  i have even come close to purchasing one at the burberry outlet but for such a special item i will be going to procure one from the source (if i ever have a grand just laying about) .

i suggest you get a nice hot cup of tea and sit down and snuggle up to the latest issue and welcome the lovely ladies of matchbook into your quite space.

much like Lonymag you can click on anything in the issue and be taken to it on the web.  great for my mind HORRIBLE for my pocket book (which is shrinking by the day).  i only wish i could crawl into the magazine and live for a day.  you can only imagine my delight on the section about stationery and i nearly lost myself in the letter press article.  i would love to learn letterpress and if i do return to chicago next year i will be signing up to take classes in the art.

i am obsessed



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  1. oh my goodness!! you are the sweetest. just wait for issue #2– we’re already hard at work : ) it’s going to be fantastic!

    xxoo fallon

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