while lisa is in the other room watching an oprah all about being happy (i am confused why she did not ask me) i am in the kitchen making graham crackers.

why you ask?

well i made this recipe last week and LOVED them.  i have been dieing to try this recipe from gluten free girl.  i finally got lisa to buy me a scale and after a HORRIBLE day at work i set forth.


i don’t know if it was the fact that i do not have a food processes or that i did not have guar gum and used extra xanthum gum.  but they are horrible.  i even took time to use my cookie cutters and cut them into cute sail boats and squirrels.

i am contemplating going back and making this recipe.

i don’t know what i did wrong in shauna’s recipe but i feel like it goes back to me not haivng the food processer.  (well we do have one it is still boxed up and is not to be used until we go to the new house in texas…)

also the food scale that lisa got me is not prices enough.  it is more for measuring pounds and not ounces.

AMC get excited/not excited as i planed on making you a special treat but it taste like crap.  GOOD NEWS?? im am sending it anyway!  its the thought that counts, right? (just kidding it is out of the good recipe!)

so at 8 pm i attempted to whip up another batch, because all i really want is an effing graham cracker!

i went back to the recipe i knew and took a little break to eat some gluten free (HOMEMADE) pizza.

i hope the love them as much i do!


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