so over the past week i have made a few mentions of my new beauty products and how i am obsessed with them.  i first covered them in this post and eluded to them in my what did teacher wear today (w.d.t.w.t?) post this morning.

i have adult acne.  its like like oh i have a pimple it is like OMG my middle school students have less acne then i do.  i have tried just about everything and it gets better only to get worse again.

Because i know have the closest thing i have ever had to a big girl job (student teaching) and i am on the hunt for a man, i have decided to step up my daily beauty regime and tackel this acne once and for all.

products in my arsenal:

tazorac cream: you have to get this from a derm and it can be brutal on your skin but it gets the JOB done.

If you are going to use the tazorac cream this is a MUST!  this exfolient is AMAZING.  this is coming form a girl who has TRIED EVERYTHING.  IGNORE the $50 price tag it is worth it and will outlast $50 worth of St. Ives apricot scrub and make your face looks 1000 times better.

to get my makeup off at the end of the day is a chore for me.  i hate going to the bathroom and splashing cold water on my face.  I LOATH it.  i also hate having to wash my face before tennis or running  (i WILL NOT work out with make up on).  These Biore makeup removing towelettes with green tea are AMAZING.  the do not leave you greasy, and leave your face feeling tight with a slight tingle!  they even remove eye make up… but for that i would rather use my keihl’s eye makeup remover.for my in-shower face wash i have been using murad’s clarifying cleanser.  to say it has changed my life would be an under statement.  i feel like it does not over dry my face and it give s that good clean feeling.  i even use it on my chest/back/arms and have had great results.

now on to the 3 little products that have changed my face (LITTERLY).  my makeup.

from wearing the line at bath and body works in middle school to the clinique and bobby brown counter in high school to bare minerals in college i can say i have spanned the rage of make ups.  For the first time i can say i truly LOVE my make up.

first i apply smashbox’s Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in adjust is the perfect base to help my makeup stay on and tone down my redness.  it looks really scary putting a glob of green on your face but the silky smooth way your skin feels afterwords will ease your fears.

next i apply Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealeri apply via the stick directly to my spots and then use a small foundation brush to smooth in working in a circular motion.

for foundation i use Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation UVA/UVB SPF 15

why i love this: it leaves my skin looking flawless.  i have no visible pores and it says on ALL DAY.  it even covered my Rodolph noes this morning!  the brush is soft yet stiff enough to allow you to accurately apply the make up.

now is where i would high light my blush (the same one i have been wearing since junior year of college) but i cannot.  why?  well because prescriptives has gone out of business.  it is a peach color and when i find a new replacement  will be sure to blog about it.

i have fallen in love with my new beauty basics and hope that you find as much joy in them as i do!



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  1. Photo finish foundation is amazing!! I have the make-up forever and i LOVE it! So smooth and pretty. Sephora is my best friend, my credit card statement shows this 🙂

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