did you hear that.  it was my sigh as i left school today.  no only have i had my first week of student teaching but i am now sick.  yep that’s right.  after my first day on Tuesday i had a little tickle in my throat.  yesterday i came home and went straight to bed only to wake up at 8pm and make some soup (vegetable broth, beef broth, carrots and brown rice dumplings from the Asian food store) and homemade graham crackers.  all was amazing and i just noshed on both while sitting on the couch and watching chelsea.

let me quickly recap my last two days at school.  day 1- good.  day 2- learned some new cut downs and was told to put my eyes on someone else numerous times.  day 3- learned more cut-downs, all not so cleaver, and was told “lady your not my teacher so don’t talk to me” by one of my students.

as i was passing out papers one of my new friends gave me the ultimate cut down.  well i think it was meant to be a cut down.  and i give her props as she did not say it quitely the way i would have in middle school.  she told the WHOLE CLASS.  so what was this cut-down? (is that even what the kids call them these days.  i will have to check tomorrow)


“hmp you ever see that movie sor-ROAR-it-ty ROW.  looks like we got our selves a sor-ROAR-it-ty girl”.  i have really toned down my fashion so i did not know what they said that.  i was dressed in reva’s, black pants, a pink ls t-shirt, a cardigan and a Cole B. scarf.  I mean i have not even worn pearls!

i do not know if my new friend was trying to put me in my place or tell me that i was unwelcome.  i think it was her way of letting me know she is SOOO HAPPY i am going to be her teacher.  OH THE JOYS OF MIDDLE SCHOOL.

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