.weekend.wrapup.part 2.

(you might want to get a Kleenex)

No trip to charlotte is not complete with out ample time spent with lil deb cakes and her family.  i believe that you are given 2 families one that is blood and another that you choose.  debbie and her family fall into the family that i have chosen.  while there are numerous things that debbie has done for my family the one thing that i could never thank her enough for was taking me to the hospital to visit my mother after her surgery to remove her thyroid after being diagnosed with cancer.

this was an increasingly hard time in my life, we were in the process of adopting k$, my teenage agnst was at an all time high and then my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  i blamed her.  i believe she was doing it to make my life harder.  looking back i was being rediculous.  but then again who isn’t at 16?

debbie understood, perhaps because she had a daughter and had gone through similar things, perhaps because she had felt the same way as a child, i’ll never know.  All i know is i am forever grateful for her coherenceing me to go see my mother in that hospital room.  I think deep down i was most scared of losing lisa so by acting like a total b*tch i was protecting myself against what i saw as the first step to losing her.

but then again that is just who debbie is,  she knows your needs and is able to help you realize them without pushing or allowing you to realize she has redirected you to the right choice.

on sunday we celebrated her.  her family had organized a surprise party with a few of her closest friends.  her sisters flew in, her eldest daughter and new baby granddaughter flew in, lisa and i drove down and others set aside their sunday afternoon.  Cole and Lo (debbies daughters) created a lovely slide show and i think that the end there was not a dry eye at the party.

it was so hard for lisa and i to leave and come back to our lonely home without good friends.  and i think missing the golden globes to spend some extra time for my chosen family was completely worth it… i only wish we did not have to leave.



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4 responses to “.weekend.wrapup.part 2.

  1. ajh

    haha you were right about grabbing a Kleenex! i’m so sad i missed out!

  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  3. ColeB

    You are too sweet AM! You could not be more on the money about the chosen family thing. All of you will always be family to me. So glad we got to spend some time together this weekend. Miss you and Love you!

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