last week via twitter i promised to share my amazing success with gluten free bread.  well this weekend was way more jam packed then i anticipated and i never got my blog done.

for christmas AMC gave me Artisanal Gluten-Free Cookingi truly feel if you have to get one gluten free cookbook this should be it.  Kelli and Peter (yes we are on a first name basis) spend pages explaining gluten free and then give you their flour mix.  its AMAZING.  i think it is the addition of potato flour.  This was SO hard for me to find and i had to have the local health food store order it for me.  But TOTALLY WORTH IT.

it was from this book that i made my amazing bread.

Right now i am making their pizza crust.  i let the yeast proof a bit to long and it was all over the counter and ON MY BOOK. they made pizza on their blog last friday and you can read all about it over at no gluten no problem.

The other other great thing about this cook book is that it is not all about making your favorite dishes gluten free.  It shows you how to make dishes that have always been gluten free!  along with a WHOLE chapter devoted to drinks!  while the gimlet was not featured a lime rickey was, its like a gimlet for beginners! and a little caveat about the dangers of gluten in alcohol.

if you are gluten free or know someone who is YOU NEED TO GET THIS COOKBOOK NOW!

they are coming out with a cupcake book too.  if you were looking for a valentines day gift THIS IS IT!


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