i love nothing more than using the USPS.  i believe that it is the CLASSIEST way to connect with others.  e-mail is so cold but opening a hand written note from a friend 100s of miles away always melts my heart!  plus the act of sitting down and composing a note on a crisp flat card is so soothing.

on that note i would like to share with you my NEW stationary line!  right now there are just two options with more to come as well as the option to have anything personalized to your need!

to honor my favorite pairs of shoes we have the shoe note card: are you just dieing over them???

for just $15 plus shipping ($2.50) you will get a set of 12 flat 4.25 X 5.5 inch cards and matching grey envelopes! this gives you 3 of each color shoe!  if you would like a different combination or more then 12 just shoot me an e-mail!

in additon to the shoe note card, i would like to debut the bonjour note card:

for just $15 put shipping you will get a set of 12 flat 4.25 X 5.5 inch cards and matching white envelopes.


Remember to use the coupon code: BLOG15 to get 15% off your order from my etsy store.  you can pick up a coffee hug and some stationary!


to make a purchase you can visit my shop on etsy: a.splash.of.happy. or send me an e-mail at asplashofhappy[at]gmail[dot]com


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  1. Karen W.

    I’m so glad to hear someone out there appreciate stationary as much as I do! Those are delightful. I will have to slip a note out to VA to show off some of mine.

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