bring yourself back to 1999 because the b*tch is BACK!

ever since i saw her play basketball in baby one more time i wanted to rock my catholic school girl uniform the way she did.  i mean have you ever wanted to be some one so much in your life?

i watch(ed)  crossroads and follow her ups and downs waiting for the moment when she will get of the train (you know the one that keeps wrecking) and crawl back to the top (pref in her hot red unitard)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

yep this is her new single that is “dropping tomorrow”  thank you e! news, youtube and hype.

do you love it.  AJH and i have been listening to it non stop.  i mean once i get the ok to run this and willow smith whip my hair are going to keep me on the ‘mill for longer then my legs would like.


are you dieing over this song.  sean preston and jaden james must be so proud of their white trash mamma!  i know i am!


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