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two of my favorite people got married!  j and n got engaged on my 24th brithday and were married on new years eve in a beautiful ceremony.  i was fortunate enough to be tapped to be j’s personal attendant.  i took my job OH SO SERIOUSLY and am thinking about listing myself on craigs list as i did such a wonderful job!

as with most weddings the good times were in no short supply.  I must say that i have NEVER had a better new years eve in my life.  j, the bride and my cousin, had always dreamed of a new years eve wedding and now i know why.

there were so many wonderful parts of wedding and reception.  my favorite being the photo booth.  the best part is that j&n are getting digital copies of ALL of the pictures!  i cannot wait to see them.  i came home with only 4 strips and i am SURE i was in there much more then that!

as with all weddings with my family the dace floor was wear it was at.  I actually feel uncomfortable at weddings were dancing is not the main event!  perhaps it is because me all my cousins are so close, or because we have all been attending weddings together for over 15 years we become dancing fools!

some other personal favorite parts of the wedding was when the bride left her house and went to the church she wore a velvet cloak her grandmother made for her mother and her mother wore both to her senior prom and to her wedding.  J the picture of class did not even seemed phased when as we prepared to leave the house for the church a DOWNPOUR came.  getting married on new years eve in chicago you fear a blizzard not a thunderstorm but that is exactly what we had.  Thankfully the storm cleared up by the end of the ceremony and we were able to take pictures out side and even make a pit stop to pick up more beer and snacks at a 7-eleven.

the photographer followed J in and said QUOTE “you think you could lose me and stop at 7-eleve, this is picture perfect!”

as for the photographer well he and his fiance became additional members of our wedding party.  they were amazing, fun and totally in vibe with the antics we carried on.  i hope that he becomes a staple at future family events!


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